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 Circle Of The Magic Goddess

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PostSubject: Circle Of The Magic Goddess   Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:18 pm

~ The Witches Rune ~

~ The Witches Rune ~

Darksome night and shining moon,
Hearken to the Witches' Rune
East, then South, then West, then North;
Here I come to call ye forth!

Earth and Water, Air and Fire,
Work ye unto my desire,
Wand and Pentacle, Cup and Sword,
Hearken ye unto my word!

Count the elements fourfold,
In the fifth the spell shall hold.

Cords and censer, scrounge and knife,
Waken all ye unto life,
Powers of the Witch's blade
Come ye as the charm is made!

Queen of heaven, field and dell,
Lend your power unto my spell,
Horned Hunter of the night
And work my will by magic rite!

I call the Earth to bind my spell.
Air to speed it well.
Bright as Fire shall it glow.
Deep as tide of Water flow.

By all the power of land and sea,
As I do will, so mote it be;
By all the might of moon and sun
As I do will, it shall be done!

Lyrics by Doreen Valiente & Gerald Gardner

Circle Of The Magic Goddess

Minns vem du är och varför du är här!
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Circle Of The Magic Goddess
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